Marketplace Monitoring Platform

Brandcops monitoring software gives you full visibility over who sells your products, at which prices, buy box splits and much more…

Complete pricing analytics which can be viewed over time.

Gain full transparency of hourly price changes across your online catalogue.

For Amazon see how your BuyBox share is split across your pool of sellers.

Heat graphs or % totals provide a complete overview of BuyBox share.

Understand who sellers are and what products from your catalogue they offer.

Manage your sellers with our unique labelling system.

Access to all data you want in an interactive and easy to use interface.

With a wide range of data and features, Brandcops will change the way you work.

  • lightbulb_outline Who is selling your products See a list of all sellers selling your products, along with how many listings each seller has.
  • language Where are these sellers based? A powerful location based filter allows you to focus in on either domestic, European or Rest of world sellers, at the click of a button.
  • hourglass_empty Historical information As we index the data, we can offer both a current and historical snapshot. This enables our clients build a historical record dating back to the beginning of our tracking process.
  • dvr Intuitive user interface A built in workflow system allows a client to categorise sellers as either “authorised" or “unauthorised”. Using this system, a brand can start to make sense of what had previously been a disjointed list of sellers.
  • search Ability to slice and dice the data Complete flexibility at your fingertips to apply filters, switch between a seller or items page view and monitor top level summary information in your dashboard.
  • gavel Discounting information Discounts off RRP or MAP are calculated instantly, allowing you to rank by the heaviest discounters or just see who is selling below MAP (for US clients).
  • mail Daily email notifications Daily email notifications sent straight to your inbox. Our software sends out daily updates via email notifying you of new sellers on the platform, new listings uploaded and price drops.
  • archive Export ability Export from all pages. We have built in an export function which allows you to extract data into a CSV file from any page you are on. From there you can manipulate the data as you wish.
  • chat_bubble_outline Live chat assistance Having trouble with the software? Not an issue, we have a UK based customer service team who are on hand to assist you in getting the most from the software.

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